Rethink Your Green Thumb, Because These Houseplants Are Too Pretty and Pink to Ignore

What’s your house missing? Need some color? Listed here are 10 potted plants that will grow indoors. Choose, buy, raise, be happy…

1. African violet
Latin name: Saintpaulia ionantha
Why do we love him? It never is out of style. It reminds us of our grandmothers house. Perfect for new activities in growing flowers.

Pros: It’s a seed that could bloom in four seasons. Care is very careful, does not spoil. It has lots of colors.

What does he like? The area receiving sunlight is likely to be happy. Water the soil as it dries. Make certain the water is not too cold.

Note: Production works hard. Take off the leaf and bury the soil in a moist pot. It’ll hold in several days.

10saks of-bitkisi2

2. The flower of peace
Latin name: Spathiphyllum wallisii
Why do we love him? Large green leaves develop a tropical effect at home. White flowers may also be very decorative.

Pros: It is really a long-lasting indoor plant. Monitor maintenance. Write probably the most flowering, nonetheless it blooms in all seasons. When blooming, bright green leaves look very beautiful.

What does he like? There’s no importance of much light and water. As the soil dries, it is sufficient as water.

Note: Caution if you can find young children or pets at home! The leaves should not be eaten, the toxic effect is injured.

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3. Flamingo flower
Latin name: Anthurium andraeanum
Why do we like him? It looks very sympathetic using its heart-shaped leaves and flowers.

Pros: They’ve huge red flowers. There’s also white, pink and purple colored flowers. You can even put it to use in a vase for quite a long time when you can cut it into cutting flowers.

What does he like? Warm and shade, it also likes humid environments.

Note: Caution if you will find small children or pets at home! The leaves should not be eaten, it can cause some diseases.

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4. Christmas flower
Latin name: Schlumbergera x buckLEY
Why do we like him? It’s an obsolete, classic ornamental plant.

Pros: It blooms several times a year, but usually shows its flowers in early winter. The colorful flowers at the ends of the leaves add an exotic atmosphere when the bunch opens.

What does he like? It requires a bright place without direct sun. Don’t keep it in an exceedingly hot room. Water it regularly in floral colors and in the summer. Rest time can reduce watering. Keep in a published, bright but cool room.

Note: Also called New Year’s cactus.

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